Fran is well known for her time on BBC Radio 2 as a newsreader - in particular for her appearances on Wake Up To Wogan. She currently presents the Breakfast Show on Mellow Magic nationally on DAB. Fran asked us to look at installing a studio in a spare room so she could record content from home.

For this project we wanted to provide a high quality, extremely customisable wall finish. This system makes use of tracks for mounting, covering all walls and the ceiling. As this is constructed in panels, this allowed Fran to choose multiple colours to personalise her new space. In order to further minimise noise infiltration from outside her home, we also supplied and installed secondary sliding glazing.

For recording equipment, we combined a Wheatstone M-1 processor with the Neumann TLM103 - a brilliant combination for voicetracking. This was connected into her existing PC using a Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface.

“Justin, Robbie and Tom each have their own areas of expertise, which combined, make for a great Safe Pair of Hands team.  They knew and provided exactly what I needed and installed a studio which is aesthetically extremely pleasing to me and which produces a  wonderful, professional sound such as is required for national broadcast.  I wish the chaps great good fortune in the future -  they deserve it.” - Fran Godfrey

If you are looking for a podcast, voiceover, or voicetracking studio for your home or office, why not get in touch? We can offer everything from equipment and software to a full studio install.